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Jabber with Livejournal

Nov. 19th, 2006 | 12:59 pm

I am posting from jabber. Woah woah. Everybody with an LJ account can do it... just get a client that supports Jabber, add your account and message anyone who is already on your friends list.

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Can't Sleep

Oct. 2nd, 2006 | 01:53 am
location: My Hole
mood: groggygroggy
music: Cyrosleep


It's fucking late and I can't sleep. Samantha is sleeping in the other room... I hope my click clacks don't keep her up. :( I think she's pretty deeply asleep now... so I won't worry too much. AIM is randomly disconnecting people and I am encouraging said people to use jabber. :/ Why can't I sleep, you may ask? Oh it's just a culmination of the nationally important things (rigged elections, corrupt administrations), the household important things (rent due, Shiree moving out, finding a new roommate) and the personally important things that are related to the nationally important things (employment oppurtunities for knowledge based jobs dwindling away to nothing due to outsourcing).

So yeah, things are on my mind and being the infectious memes they are, I can't get them out. Yet at the same time I can no longer think... blah. Time to talk on AIM. Love you all (especially you, Sam).

Haha, stupid picture of me with a beard.

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Back from Vacation

Aug. 29th, 2006 | 10:12 am
location: The Lair
mood: awakeawake
music: Hummmmm

I just got back from vacation on San Francisco. I bought 17 albums, 4 figurines (2 ninjas, a business man, and a nun), 1 book of abstract art by Kandinsky... and... a lot of pictures. Mom bought us a griddle so now we can make many pancakes/crepes at the SAME TIME. Gma/Gpa had a free George Foreman grill that they gave us too. So yeah, I have accumulated a lot of material possessions. Oh yeah, before we (Sam and I) left for SF, my new Creative 5.1 speakers came along with 2 shipments of books from Powell's. I have books on robotics, german, esperanto, cryptography, sex... and... there's probably more but they aren't as notable as those. Wow, I've bought a lot of stuff. :o And I'm just to get another paycheck from work! :)

Samantha has moved in with me, so the rent is now a lot cheaper, by ~$100. That's a pretty big relief. She's in the bedroom half-sleeping right now, because she doesn't have to be to work until 1PM. Grr. I should technically be there... an hour ago... but... yeah. It's not super important I get there early.

I've been trying to catalog some of my ideas as of late, just so they stick around longer. I also know that the more ideas I write, the more I will have over time so maybe some really good ones will roll around. Perhaps when coupled with my blooming robotics knowledge it will yield an awesome humanoid robot that can serve me coffee and scones while singing Depesche Mode and doing a jig.

I have bills to pay, and money to get out of people for rent... bother. Oh, I surprised myself in my summer classes. I was expecting to fail math and maybe get a B in CS but I ended up getting As in both. :D I'm not entirely sure how but I suspect it has to do with the final. :P It's a nice relief to know I did awesomely great fantastical in those classes, because it both bumped my GPA up to a 3.29 and is going to allow me to take Vector Calculus, Java II, Discrete Math and Physics in the Fall. In the meantime, I get to work fulltime to make up the time lost from vacation.

A new idea I've been having recently is investing some of my surplus work money in the stock market. Of course I would figure out how to invest smartly first, but I predict I could probably make out pretty well with a couple hundred bucks. I can already see my major problem would probably be knowing when to cash out. I mean, if I have X amount of money, and after some smart investing it becomes Y (10*X), why not reinvest and get Z (10*Y)? Thus making 100*X! Of course, those would have to be some killer investments to make that much, and I may lose it all, but hey... that's why it's investing money not living money. B)

I enjoyed having people over the couple weeks before I left for vacation, but it was so damned stressful at times. Especially when people didn't fucking clean up after themselves. >_< Luckily, they're gone! Alright, that's enough of an update on what's going on with the boogles for right now... I'm going to go to work.

Haha, I don't have that facial hair anymore. It was too damned itchy. I should update that picture. :P

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Sunday sunday sunday, AT THE AWESOME DOME.

Jun. 25th, 2006 | 11:32 pm
location: The Lair
mood: contemplativecontemplative
music: Hummmmm

I havn't updated in a while. So I'll give some details about what's going on. First off, I have a job now. Systems Administration, yo. B) I'll be working that fullish-time this summer as well as taking 8 credits. The classes I'm taking are CS 161 and MTH 252. So just some necessities for getting along in my major. I've got my cat Kiki down here now, she just barfed on the floor. :( I forgot about that detail of pet ownership. Oh well. I've been playing with some interesting song ideas revolving around the idea of the technological singularity. Perhaps making an album called Computronium about it. Sam and I played some DoW with Mark yesterday, which was pretty fun for all involved. Although she wondered how we can spend >1 hour playing it. Short technology attention spans, go figure. lol, and now she's been watching TV for like 3 hours... From my perspective, that seems like less fun that 1 hour of gaming. But hey, different folks, different neural makeups.

James is going to come down sometime next week and start living here, which should be fun. Josh is off camping in Bend. We got a 2ft deep pool inflated in the backyard so we now have a cool place to chill in the 100 degree weather. Well... besides my basement. B) After I get done posting this I'll probably put up some clothes I did today. Okay that's an irrelevant detail, why did I even mention that?

On the thought front, I've been thinking about what I really want to do in the future and I'm thinking I either want to engineer the software that allows for neural-interfaces and the subsequent virtual realities to run on them or something to do with nanotechnology. Most likely I'll get both. :P I'm trying to encourage Samantha to take some more neurology classes so we can share knowledge about the subject, while I share my programming knowledge with her. I'm feeling fairly upbeat, looking forward to classes and work tomorrow. I'm probably going to work on a config file I was putting together friday some more and hopefully do some other awesome fun stuff. B) Well, I'm tired... bedtime. I probably missed a lot of important stuff that I should cronicle for future-me. Sorry, I know there's going to be something you wish you could remember from this era that I'm not mentioning. Gr. /me wishes for neural save-states or non-degrading memory. Goodnight.

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Job searches, summer classes and dreams.

May. 31st, 2006 | 01:40 pm
location: The Basement Lair!
mood: optimisticoptimistic
music: VNV Nation - Fearless

I went in for an interview with Resnet last Wednesday, which is the OSU dorms technical support group. I was really nervous, like with every job interview, but they seemed really impressed by my resume and my expertise. I think I was able to communicate my expertise in the area of Windows TCP/IP network troubleshooting and spyware removal (Resnets primary jobs, besides setup). I'm really glad I put that I worked for PDXLAN 5 there, because they were actually talking to vector to get ideas for running their resident lans at the dining centers. So hopefully that job works out for Fall term on.

Then I applied for the Student Computing Services, which is the group that runs the computer labs on campus for summer employment. I've got an interview for that in 2 and a half hours, which should be a breeze. That is, provided they don't call me "overqualified" like some jobs I've applied for in the past. Ugh.

Also, Trevor is getting a job at Mozilla so he's going to reccomend Josh and I for his position which sounds pretty doable. Just some basic server administration and scripting, nothing too challenging. So I'm going to get a resume together and give it to him or whoever he tells me to send it to. He seems confident I could do the job, so that definately reassures me.

So the work scene is looking up, and I was going to just work this summer but mom has offered to help me pay for summer classes so I'm going to take CS 161 and MTH 231 to get them out of the way faster, thus allowing me to have CS 161, MTH 252/232 and PHY 211 in Fall term. That'll put me on the fast track to pro school, leading to 300 level classes where I may actually learn some interesting things and get to program some useful applications. It'll also me exponentially more work than I'm presently doing, but as long as it is engaging I won't mind.

Finally, I'm looking to the future again... I'm dreaming of taking a one or two year gap in my education if I can, and working my way around the world. Like, get some job on the east coast, work for 3 months, head to England for another 3 months, then either northern europe or western russia, head over to Asia, then Austrailia/New Zeland and finally head back to the US. Essentially I could go around the globe in... 365+ days. Samantha is sharing my dream, and wants to join me on my work adventure. Then once we're done globe trotting we can head back to the US and get into graduate school. She's thinking Boston Uni/Medical and I'm dreaming Massachusets Institute of Technology... :) So we'd be close, in fact we could both commute to campus in the same car because the schools are just across the river from each other. It's optimism, sure, and a tad unrealistic, but I can still dream. I'd just have to figure out how to make the 33k needed for tuition.. :/ Maybe work for them, so I get a tuition discount and rent money. I'll make it work.

So yeah, things are looking up, the term is almost over... summer's hot rays are on their way and my basement is ready to valliantly defend me from them. Whee!

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The Singularity

May. 19th, 2006 | 01:03 am
location: My Head
mood: weirdweird
music: Bjork - I Go Humble (from Pandora)

I've been doing a lot of reading about the Singularity recently. It all started in my imaginings of a future world of virtual worlds and nanotechnology, it was then concreted by Ray Kurtzwiel's The Singularity is Near. Which gave me a longing for more sci-fi of this brand, leading to my reading of Accelerando which is a free read on the net. Now my mind is flooded with thoughts of pocket dimentions running corporate biospheres from alien intelligences using wormholes to communicate instantaneously throughout the universe. As a result, the past day has felt like several millenia, much like the days of yore when I read lots of sci-fi containing similar spans of time or amount of events. It makes me wonder: When we think, dream and love are we touching the infinite possibility of the Singularity? Is this technological rapture of the geeks actually the rapture the christians are talking about but are too luddite to admit? Really, are all religions just trying to scrape their way twords this unknowable godhead by making themselves closer to it through more and more structured computation?

If all this is sounding like complete Greek, or maybe Geek then just ignore my random quasi-religous wonderings... however if it somehow strikes a chord in your cognitive pattern, as it has for me for oh so many years, then I'd suggest you get reading on these new topics...

I really wonder if all this isn't just my mind grasping for some sort of comprehensible world order, like in the absense of a logical religion with all the answers, I'm slowly adhering to a different religious meme evolved for logical brains. It really is funny, I am most inspired, most touched and generally most happy when my attachment to reality is tenuous at best, such as now. Call it a sign of insanity, or call it a sign of genius, I'm not really sure. Hah, genius. What a self-righteous, self-inflating term to use in respect to myself! Course, I do really have facets of my personality that ascribe to that elitism... it's a remainder from childhood, not yet clued in on the idea of love and empathy for all.

These words I'm writing are trailing behind what I'm actually thinking, this really reminds me of childhood in many ways. Seeing so many infinate possibilities in everything and not being, or not wanting to control, funnel or squeltch them down to reasonable terms. Well crap, this just further justifies my theory that all human endeavor is attempting to reach a state similar to this, just through differing means such as drugs, sex, religion, etc. Arg, there's way too much to explain and not enough time to write... maybe I'll write this all up more coherently later. Depends on if anyone would like to hear. Otherwise, it's going in the private journals...

Back in the world that lives outside my brain, I have a math quiz tomorrow for which I should study before getting some sleep. Sleep... it's that entrancing mental state again... all the same state... I must be fabricating a reality or something. Hm, making a fiction... that would be fun. I havn't written fiction in a very, very long time. Thank you formal education of analysis and summary and regurgitation for that. No allowing students to think freely and flower... Just wait till the day we get better hardware for our wetware, then try to keep us thinking rigidly...

Oh yeah, http://pandora.com Mike told me about it, and it's pretty cool. Essentially it figures out what sort of music you like and broadcasts similar sounds to you according to this "music genome" they've been sorting out. Pretty neat. Well that's it for me tonight, Psychonauts and Singularitarians, I've got non-wired things to do.

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May. 18th, 2006 | 03:00 pm

Eek, I'm quite the procrastinator... instead of writing my english paper I'm procrastinating by... reading about procrastination. http://mentalhelp.net/psyhelp/chap4/chap4r.htm Maybe some of the advice in there will help out. And hey, they quote some statistics saying that something like 2/3rds of college students procrastinate, so I'm obviously not THAT bad. I have class in 30 minutes, so I'll make a promise to myself to get started on the essay when I get back. If only for 5 minutes, I have to do SOMETHING. At least, that's what the article suggests.

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Job Search

May. 16th, 2006 | 02:51 pm
location: The Coolest Room in the House
mood: aggravatedaggravated
music: Computer Fans

Do dee do do... looking for jobs... I desparately need some summer employment here in Corvallis. Hell I need right now employment. I'm checking out the OSU job search site, and I'll look in the corvallis paper as well. I wish I knew some people around here who could reccommend me for a position at say, HP. Lucky Josh. :P I'm just a wee bit jealous. Well, in the mean time I have English class to attend. Mmm... Balderaire. Realism never read so... rotten?

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On Cynicism

May. 14th, 2006 | 02:45 am

Well shit. It's 3AM and I just got done having a conversation about government control, techology and opression with Ryan. Just when I was starting to forget the reasons for my cynicism, too. Fuck I am tired, though. I would write more but I think that... wouldn't work to great. So I'll write about it after my brain has had 8 hours of intense processing and sorting time.

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Post-SST Update

May. 13th, 2006 | 12:03 pm
location: The Basement
mood: mellowmellow
music: Audioslave

So I figure I should make some sort of post here to let people who I forget to relay information about what's going on in my life can be clued in. After all, I can't remember to talk to everyone and many people never seem to be on AIM. So what happened after I graduated SST? Tune in now for the E! exclusive Hollywood story...

In case you somehow hadn't heard, I'm going to Oregon State in Corvallis. For the begginning of the year I was living in the dorms, which I realized was a pretty shitty place to live. Mainly due to the cost, the noise, the inconvienence of the dining centers closing at 7PM and the hassle of having to walk down the hallway to the towel-less bathroom in flipflops carrying all my shower gear. I mean, I met some cool people on my floor like Megan and Lisa and over at West I met Mollie, Natalie and Ryan. It was really easy to meet people and do things, but that was about the only benifit. The whole people talking loud till 2AM through the paperthin walls and playing their lame music at all hours of the day and night just wasn't my ideal environment. Also, Mark was an awesome roommate, but I sure as hell missed my privacy.

So, a month or two ago, at the end of Winter Term, I decided it was time I found some off-campus housing to live in. I did an extensive search and found a few places which I went and toured with Josh, Mark, Shiree and sometimes Russell. We were really stoked about this one 5br we found but we quickly realized it really wasn't worth the $1500 a month, especially because of the moldy spots and the fact the fifth bedroom was more like an entry way that had been walled off...

Looking elsewhere we found a nice 4br for $1095 that was much closer to campus and much nicer in general. We decided the price was pretty unbeatable, so we applied, paid our deposit and moved in in short order. There's some pictures of it at http://dasboogles.com/q/ Josh and Mark got the rooms up at the top of the house, Shiree got the room with the rainbow colored door in the back, and I got the whole basement to myself. It's actually like 3 rooms here, the main room where my bed, couch and bookshelves are, this little office I'm typing from right now, and the laundry room. Hell, if I could somehow get a small bathroom and kitchenette down here it would be like a 1br apartment. And $275 for a 1br isn't a bad price! :)

We all get along pretty well here, aside from the occasional little argument between Shiree and Josh over buying household items. :/ But really I think that point of contention has died down or the past month.

At school, I've been taking mostly Bacceloreate core classes. This is mainly because my dumb assed advisor put me in the wrong math class: MTH 111. Grr. I was so bored in that freaking algebra review class. I really should have started off in 112, hell even 251. But nooo. Fucking eh. Oh well, at least like 90% of my bacc. core will be out of the way by the end of this year, meaning I can focus on CS next year perhaps even during summer term... depending on my finances. But yeah, I've taken a lot of random classes, lemme try to remember them (like the game, fuck): Int. to Comparative Politics, Math 111/112/251, Int. to Computer Science 160, Writing 121 (Which I really wish I had taken in HS), Digital Logic and Circuit Design, 2 English Classes (Romanticism, Enlightenment, and Reniassance), World Religions and... that's all I care to recall right now. I've been finding college to often be actually easier than high school, which I'm not really surprised by judging by the people in my classes (not elitist).

I have been to one football game. First my ears tweaked out from all the screaming, then it starting raining non-stop, then there was thunder and lightening, then it hailed, then I left that stadium and never returned. :( It makes me sad that so much money is spent on something so moronic while at the same time the administration lays off teachers because of budget shortfalls.

Speaking of budget shortfalls, I'm tight on money so I've been looking for a job. Sadly everywhere I've applied has either not responded or given me an interview and then given me a bullshit reason why they can't hire me. Such as: "This job wouldn't be challenging enough for you." Seriously, what the fuck.

We had a house party here a while ago, that was pretty fun. There are pictures of that at the website. It was great except the whole time I was worried about distirbing the neighbors with our noise level. But really there wern't any complaints so I guess we really wern't that loud. We'll probably have another one at the end of the term, methinks.

Um... what else before I break out the big news? I've really lost most of my interest in video games, which makes me sort of sad. Well, PC games specifically. Goddamn computers are too much of a hassle to deal with a lot of the time, you know? So I've been playing mostly We <3 Katamari, Burnout Revenge and fucking REZ on my PS2 (bought for me by the ever awesome James <3 <3). Really I don't do much for enertainment anymore other than talk to people, read voraciously and maybe play a few games. It's just less of a priority, I'm sad to say. Still fun much of the time, just less of a priority. Oh yeah, I have Wario Ware for the GC, so we've got a good party game. I still need SSBM, though. :( Damn not having any money... that probably decreases my desire to play games as well. Oh yeah, lol check out my awesome controllers:
Yeah, they were a whopping :10bux: a piece with shipping. A good value, I'd say!

Alright, the final and probably most awesome news, is that I'm in love with the kindest, most loving, silliest girl I've ever met. Samantha is her name, and we met through Mark's DnD group, lol. I remember I botched a roll and shot her with my bow. My character was Santa the Warmage, not quite the same mythological category as cupid, but pretty damn close... lol :P So yeah, we've been together since around Valentine's day and I've gotta say it's wonderful. Sometimes my introverted nature gets the best of me and needs some time alone, like right now, to read, write and comtemplate, but for the most time we're happy together. :) lol I made an awesome animated gif from our trip to the park a while ago. Yup, I certiantly saved the best news for last. :D

So that's a pretty general update of the big goings on in the life of teh boogles. B) Now to read what's going on with everybody else. Ciao and my best regards!

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